Do you believe self-doubt is the reason youre not fulfilling your dreams? 

Do you find that—even though you’re supposed to be grateful—you’re not feeling it?

Do you feel like, no matter where you go or who you’re with, you don’t fit in?

Do you have a special gift that could help others—but you don’t know how to share it?

Purpose Meaning Joy (PMJ) Promises A Lifetime Of Relief Helping You Reach The Very Core Of What Makes You Who You Are — So You Can Focus On:

A life with Purpose
A life with Meaning
A life where that Purpose and Meaning give you—and the rest of the world—Joy 

If that sounds right for you, you NEED to join the PMJ Community.

These two amazing people are mentors and so much more. The beautiful loving and giving presence they bring to the world is obvious as soon as they walk into the room. It has been special to have Vince and Mary teach me so I could grow. This has been an amazing experience and I recommend them to everyone.
Samm Ozegovich
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LMSW
The aha moments and newly created awareness are priceless. Learning to trust myself again is huge; my path becomes clearer and clearer. Thank you!
Katja Chen
Having spent decades with personal and business development coaches, gurus and kindred spirits, what I encountered with Vince and Mary are unique and genuine tools, insights and constructs that have opened space into my world, personally and in my entrepreneurial visions, to put to action real results. It is work, tough work, yet the outcome is beyond anything I’ve experienced. 

Elizabeth Marie
The Entrepreneurial Artist, Artist, Author and Speaker
Vince and Mary show us their authenticity and vulnerability as they set an example for all of us who hear the calling to something more. If you are ready to follow your heart’s calling to be all you can be, this is the book and couple who will guide you on the path of the life you are meant to live.
Sandra Yancey
CEO and Founder of eWomenNetwork, Inc.

Your Life Your Way

Take advantage of this complimentary and private one-to-one with Mary or Vince.

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Your Life, Your Way

Take advantage of this complimentary and private one-to-one with Mary or Vince.

After this session, youll have an idea of what it takes to create an amazing life no matter what is happening around you. Youll also understand whats standing in the way of living your life your way—and the critical next step you should take.

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Vince Kramers best-selling book—co-written with wife Mary Kramer—is many things, a handbook for living a life filled with Purpose Meaning Joy; the tale of a journey toward self-discovery; a love story; a book about one mans call to become a channel. Two things are certain: once you begin reading Vinces book, you wont want to put it down; once you finish his book, your life will be forever changed.

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