Singing Bowls

The increasing popularity of singing bowls and sound baths recognizes the importance of sound in a world inundated with sounds—and recognizes the healing power of sound and its essential role in the harmony of our world.

The principle behind singing bowls is simple. Every object vibrates at a particular frequency—its “resonant” frequency. When a sound wave—say, from a singing bowl—hits an object of the same frequency—say, a person—the sound becomes amplified: that’s resonance. This is what a dedicated practitioner strives for in a sound bath.

Sound Baths

As an intuitive practitioner, Mary Kramer uses a combination of different bowls and sound instruments to find and finesse the resonance. Once centered within, Mary then centers on her guests, their vibrational levels, and where they are on their spiritual paths to create a sound bath orchestrated specifically for them.

60 min.

1–5 people.
$30 per person over 5

90 Min.

1–5 people.
$30 per person over 5

Schedule your sound bath session with Mary today.

Sessions can be customized for a special birthday, engagement, wedding or other significant marker journey.

Group sessions are especially effective for meditating, relieving stress and anxiety, boosting the immune system, and increasing productivity. Consider incorporating a group sound bath session as part of your organization’s retreat.

Sound Bath by Mary

Register below to attend the next Soundbath By Mary. Join a group of like-minded and like-hearted people as Mary delivers an uplifting and grounding experience with crystal bowls, drums, and other energetic instruments. Align your energy and relax as you are surrounded by coherent and supportive sound. Watch for an email with all the details of the next soundbath.
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