Purpose Meaning Joy Programs

Vince and Mary Kramer offer a number of programs, each with its own expanded focus and path for participants to travel. The length of the programs vary, depending on the breadth and depth of work to be completed. Wherever you are on your journey, every PMJ program has something for you. And when you complete that one, there’s another program waiting to help you share your unique gifts, connect more with your purpose, and go even deeper into your true self.

Review the programs below and when you know which ones interest you, or raise questions within you, please request more information so Vince and Mary Kramer can respond.

Thank you.


Succeed from the Inside Out:
Purpose, Empowerment and You


Tap into quantum physics and your higher self to discover the life youre meant to live. During this program, youll define your unique purpose, break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back, and learn:

Who you are and what attracts people to you.

What you have to offer and how you can share it.

Why you are here and why it’s important.

How you can best live on purpose.

Where you are right now and your next best step.

Program Length:
7-week masterclass
Entry level
Accountability partner available
7 coaching calls
1 training call
Imagine Board class
1-to-1 personal coaching call
1 channeling session with The Round Table
$997, limited to 25 people
4 times a year


Fine Tune You, Your Life
and How You Live It


Live the happy, healthy and abundant life you desire. During this program, youll discover how to:

Become conscious of the obstacles that are keeping you stuck.

Reframe your life to move beyond obstacles quickly and easily.

Embrace all of who you are to make the most of life.

Attune all aspects of life to who you are.

Transform your life to the life you want.

Empower yourself to live this life.

Program Length:
1-year mastermind
Intermediate, must have completed Activate
24 coaching calls
4 group channelings
Full video course available online
1 weekly 30-minute community accountability call
24 training calls to supplement the video course
“Living Your Dream” Retreat
“What Do I Want” Workshop
“Discover Your Beliefs” Video
$10,000, limited to 25 people
2 times a year: February and August


Discover the Why of Your Partnership—
And Start Manifesting Your Legacy


During this program, you and your partner will learn to better understand your purpose—individually and as a couple—and:

Understand why youre here and why youre together.

Accelerate living your unique purpose and combined purpose.

Get on the same page to enhance your lives.

Understand what has been holding both of you back and why.

Make a major change in your lives and plan your legacy together.

Start on the path to answer your personal calling.

Program Length:
1 year
Advanced, VIP clients, for life/business partners
3-day retreat with Vince and Mary
Sound bath and energy work
3 channeling sessions with The Round Table
Accelerate for one as a bonus, 50% for 2nd person
$25,000 per person or per couple
Limited to 24 people per year
Upon request
Schedule at least 6 weeks in advance


Own Your Spiritual and Energetic Blueprints—
And Step into Your True Power and Potential

Focus: JOY

Learn to harness all energies you embody, bring your most authentic self to life and realize your incredible potential to make a profound impact on our world. This program will empower you to:

Discover the significance of the date, time and place you were born.
Understand how Universal Laws explain how you create your life.
Use the concepts of Quantum Physics to create the life you are called to.
Learn to combine your spiritual and energetic blueprints.
Understand why you developed your personality and how it affects your life.

Understand what has been holding you back and why.
Uncover your deeper meaning in life and how to fulfill it.

Program Length:
6 months
Advanced, highly recommend completing Accelerate
5 workshops
7 coaching calls
2 group channelings
Personal Quantum Human Design Profile
Personal Enneagram Type Charts

1-to-1 personal coaching call
“Living Your Dream” Retreat
“What Do I Want” Workshop
$7,500, limited to 20 people
Once a year
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