How Purpose, Meaning, Joy Came To Be
Once in a Lifetime...

a rare few are chosen by The Chosen to be mentors. Vince Kramer is such a person, chosen by The Ascended Masters of The Round Table (TRT) to channel their message to all who are ready to hear it.

By opening his mind and heart to the messages of those seated at The Round Table, Vince helps you find your way back to your authentic self… to your true Purpose Meaning Joy.

A Message for You

At least since the advent of quantum physics, civilization has been moving toward a new way of thinking about itself, and the overarching message Vince channels through The Round Table reflects this new perspective. We—and most importantly, you—are standing on the cusp of the most exciting phase of human evolution…

Your Lifes Purpose Meaning Joy.

…there comes a time for you to awaken and remember why you chose to come to Earth.
– The Round Table, channeled by Vince Kramer

Discover your unique purpose and live the life you’re meant to live.

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To every person who has: felt alone; stood on the outside looking in; and struggled to the top only to find the top felt just like the bottom. To every person who has cried, “There must be more to life than this,” Vince and Mary Kramer dedicate their mission.

To nurture every human being’s love of self and true life’s purpose through community building and programs designed to connect self-love and true purpose with love and respect for all.


To establish the PMJ Community as the premier model of a united, global community, co-creating a new purpose and meaning for humankind that acknowledges we are all one, that we affect one another, and that we all share in the joy of our evolving world.

The PMJ Community is to stand as living proof that self-love and knowledge of self, pave the way to love of one another and all creation. The ultimate goals of Vince and Mary Kramers principles and programs are to nurture, grow, sustain and evolve this incredible community of humankind.

Vince and Mary Kramer ARE Purpose Meaning Joy

Vince Kramer

Founder of Purpose Meaning Joy
Teacher, Channeler, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Coach to Awakening Hearts

Vince Kramer knew from an early age his purpose in life: to help people love themselves so they could love one another. Like most of us, those childhood aspirations got lost on the way to family, career, and the lure of fame, fortune, and what society labels success.” Commercial pilot for United Airlines, corporate leader and popular speaker and trainer, successful entrepreneur—Vince had it all, until critical wake-up calls began telling him it was time for a change. But it took the devastation of nine-eleven, the bankruptcy of United Airlines, and a divorce to open Vinces eyes. And it took Mary Kramer to help Vince Kramer see the Vision.

Mary Kramer

Founder of Purpose Meaning Joy
Facilitator, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Coach to Awakening Hearts

Like her husband Vince, Marys childhood played a role in shaping her path. Just imagine a sweet four-year-old,” Mary shared, with an inner knowing…an inner guidance so powerful that I would often shock adults.” She followed that guiding inner voice—and her love of connecting with people using her innate gifts for hearing the unsaid and intuiting otherstrue natures grew. Those gifts helped her entrepreneurial spirit flourish as she established a successful real estate career.

Marys journey continued and in her self-discovery of why” and her marriage with Vince, she began living her Divine Intent—raising vibration, opening hearts through connection, and bringing hearts and minds together. United, she and Vince founded PMJ.

Your Life Your Way

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Your Life, Your Way

Take advantage of this complimentary and private one-to-one with Mary or Vince.

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